torstai 12. tammikuuta 2012

Anonymous ei tykännyt Elisan tempusta

Anonymous ei tykännyt Elisan tempusta blokata asiakkailtaan pääsyn Pirate Bay -sivustolle.

Numerous Twitter accounts linked with the Anonymous collective erupted with messages of discontent and - at times - threats of action against the Finnish government. Anonymous at least the Finnish part of it, voiced its disapproval on Twitter. "#SOPA's landed in #Finland today. Blame them", it said in a message sent to Twitter accounts including @AnonymousIRC, @anonymouSabu and @AnonyOps.

"Ladies and gents: today we will focus on Finland. and every country like it who has begun a campaign of censorship. First steps to Cyberwar," tweeted the AnonymouSabu account.

"TANGO DOWN Copyright Information & Anti-Piracy Centre In Finland | And We'll keep it down as long as We want \o/," tweeted @anon_finland.

"To re-iterate: F-Secure supports the censorship in Finland and #elisagate. Boycott f-secure warez asap!" tweeted the AnonymouSabu account. At the time of writing the site was still down.

Lainaa nopeasti arkeen ja juhlaan. Täytä hakemus netissä ja saat rahat tilillesi.

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